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The Most Dangerous places to cycle for Bicycle Travelers

September 11, 2018

Cycling is an incredible mode of transportation that allows avid cyclists to enjoy the finer parts of a holiday that are missed when explored by car. There are many places in the world that provide incredible cycling infrastructure and are increasing access for cyclists, but what is not often mentioned is the places that are dangerous for cyclists. In saying this, different cycling situations suit different people which is why some of these places may excite and thrill those who are risk takers and adrenaline junkies. So here get the heart pumping and take a read of the most unsafe places to ride for a variety of reasons.

North America

Planning a cycling holiday in the United States of America? Los Angeles has developed a reputation for being an intimidating city to ride. Not only do you have to worry about traffic and your personal safety, but also security, as there have been many reports of bike theft in this region.

Now looking towards Canada and its well-known picturesque scenery, according to a report released by the city’s safety unit, Toronto had the highest rate of vehicle-to-cyclist collisions. In order to save yourself from these dangerous situations, be sure to use your RearViz mirror in densely populated and congested areas.

South America

This goes without saying, that ‘The Death Road’ is known to be one of the most dangerous places to ride in the world. Cyclists are not only facing the deathly drop off the side of a mountain but also the vehicles traveling on this one lane road. This one is an adventure for some and a nightmare for others. Not a fan? Check out this video to experience it in the safest way possible – through your screen. Q


There was minimal information on the dangers of this virtually uninhabited land but it comes without saying that cycling here is no walk in the park. Instead of having to worry about people and other motorized vehicles, you have to be prepared for a completely uncontrollable force – mother-nature. Be sure to add on winter wheels and bright lights, like our wing lights which are lightweight, waterproof, shock-proof and have a long battery life (AKA you have a higher chance of being seen through the blizzard winds).


Moscow is well known for being one of the world’s worst cities for traffic congestion's and as expected comes road rage and poor driving habits. If you are happy to bike a specific and directed route to will ensure you return from your holiday in one piece, then enjoy, but be sure to follow the cycling routes provided by Russia Beyond.


Envision this, you’re attempting to catch your breath as you climb the third hill that has extended your day trip into an evening adventure. Your sweat is dripping in places you have never sweat before and alongside this, you are subjected to some Cantonese road rage. It would most definitely be a good story, but be sure to avoid the Hong Kong city if you are not a fan of hills, heat and, humidity. 


Cairo, Egypt is another city you should avoid, especially if you are a female. Unfortunately, cycling in this metropolitan area has been stigmatized as a mode of transportation for men which has caused issues for women who cycle here. As expected, there is also the heat, under-kept roads and lack of cycling lanes which will leave you thanking your RearViz Mirror, if you dare.


Bicycle tourism is a huge industry for Australia, as it has been labeled as one of the best touring destinations by the 2018 Touring Bicycle Buyers Guide. Despite the coastal and inland areas that provide great experiences, Sydney has been slammed as the “world’s toughest regime” for cyclists due to the numerous fines cyclists receive. If you venture to this city be sure to expect some morning, lunch and afternoon road rage alongside a ticket. 

While being a cyclist can have its perks, there are also some considerations that must be taken into account when visiting any country. To stay safe be sure to do your research and attach your Rearviz and your wing lights for safe cycling. In saying this, even the most dangerous cycling spots can be beautiful to some – if you have cycled to any of these places we would love to hear your experiences.


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