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Why the name change?

In order to grow, we had to move away from being a one-product business. RVI Active is a marketplace for quality sustainable products that will give you the benefits needed to kick your fitness goals. We now stock a range of products and will be taking on more.

When will you have more products?

We are always undertaking research to find you the best of the best fitness lifestyle products to support your lifestyle so bear with us! We’re not wasting our time on poor quality products as we want the best for all of you. Our integration process will be paced and we value your feedback! So send us through any products or gadgets you would like to see on our marketplace and we will work to make it happen!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, RVI Active ships internationally with the option for Flat Rate and Express Courier shipping available upon checkout. Delivery times to International locations vary, and whilst we endeavour to get your products to you as quickly as possible, please allow between 7-10 business days for arrival. Tracking is available for your convenience.

  • Please note that sometimes customs may hold your delivery due to random security measures. Unfortunately, we have no control over this matter.
  • If Duties & Taxes are payable in the destination country, they are separate to the shipping charge and are payable by the customer.

To find answers to FAQs for a specific product, please choose from the list below.



RVI Active features three variations of the RearViz product. Whether you're dodging busy traffic commuting to work or riding in a group, all RearViz mirrors provide cyclists with a pair of eyes on the back of their heads.

These styles include the Classic, the ST-35 Sports and the SL-15 Slim Line.

What are the differences in the RearViz Range?

The RearViz Classic Mirror

The Classic is the first edition of the RearViz. The Classic RearViz has a wide, flexible plastic housing making it comfortable to wear for long rides. The Classic features a 5-year UV resistance and is the most durable of all the armbands. The key benefit of this style is that it comes with two armbands, long and short, both featuring a customisable medical ID tag pouch.

Click here to check out the RearViz Classic Mirror in action. 

The RearViz ST-35 Sports Mirror 

The RearViz ST-35 is the Sports edition of the RearViz. The Sports RearViz features a fully-rotatable base and a mirror that pivots 180 degrees. The wide, flexible plastic housing will fit comfortably anywhere from the lower wrist to upper forearm. The use of high-quality materials allows a 2-year UV resistance guarantee. The armband is universal (one size fits all), making it a perfect fit for every rider. 
Click here to watch the RearViz ST-35 Sports Mirror in action. 

The RearViz SL-15 Slim Line Mirror

The RearViz SL-15 is the Slim Line edition of the RearViz. The Slim Line RearViz is lightweight and half the size of the Sports and Classic styles, making it suitable for riders with slimmer arms. We suggest this edition RearViz is worn on the wrist. The armband is universal (one size fits all), making it a perfect fit for every rider.
Click here to check out the RearViz SL-15 Slim Line Mirror in action.

If you need further help deciding, email us on admin@rviactive.com and we can help you!

What is RearViz and how does it work?

The RearViz Mirror is an arm mounted, fully adjustable and rotatable, rear view convex mirror for cyclists. The RearViz provides the best rearward vision on the market allowing cyclists to look forward while seeing behind.

What is the RearViz Universal Mount?

The RearViz Universal Mount is a camera mount system that allows you to securely fit an action camera anywhere on your arm! Its 360-degree rotation capabilities will allow you access to quality adventure footage 100% of the time. Made out of durable stainless steel this product is salt-water compatible - just rinse it off after each use!

Are the RearViz Mirror Kit and the Universal Camera Mount interchangeable?

Yes! Simply push firmly on the under centre of your Rearviz using a standard 5mm nut driver or butter knife to unclip. Then you may place your Universal Camera Mount into the soft plastic housing kit and secure it with the lock pin on the underside.

How do I use a RearViz?

A single size Velcro armband allows the RearViz to be worn anywhere around your arm. The Velcro attachment strap makes the RearViz easy to put on, take off and keep secure. Simply thread the strap under the mirror and fold the Velcro onto itself. Now open your mirror, rotate it into a position that maximises your rearward vision and get cycling!

Is RearViz comfortable to wear?

Yes! Designed for long time wear, the Rearviz features ultra-lightweight technology and a soft flexible plastic that moulds to your arm. The RearViz armband is made from soft perforated fabric for enhanced breathability and comfort, you won’t even know you’re wearing it!

Where on the arm should I wear the RearViz?

RearViz’ versatility allows your mirror to be worn where you feel most comfortable! It can be worn on the wrist, near your elbow, or on your bicep – depending on where you get your best vision.

If your bike’s handlebars are straight, we recommend wearing the RearViz on your upper forearm - and for drop handlebars, we suggest wearing the RearViz on your wrist.

How is the RearViz Mirror Kit different from other bicycle mirrors?

Unlike the conventional bike-mounted mirror, the RearViz Mirror will resist vibrations and provide a clear vision as it is tightly secured to your arm! Our weather-resistant armband and patented interchangeable technology is our biggest competitive advantage.

My mirror has smashed, how do I install the RearViz Mirror Replacement Kit?

Using a standard 5mm nut driver, unclip the mirror assembly from the soft plastic body by pushing firmly on the underside centre of the product. Once the mirror assembly is detached from the rest of the product, take your new replacement mirror kit and place it in the soft plastic housing kit. Push down firmly until the replacement mirror kit clips into the device securely. You are then ready to use your new RearViz mirror kit.

How do I clean the RearViz?

The RearViz can be washed with warm water, liquid soap and left to dry in an open space.

Do RearViz products have warranties? 

Any RearViz kit purchased from our online store comes with a 12-month repair warranty. There is a warranty information pack inside the packaging of every RearViz kit.



What are WingLights?

WingLights are indicators for cyclists which tell drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists when you’re turning - to keep you safe. They are lightweight, waterproof, shockproof and feature a long battery life.

How are they activated?

Your WingLights can be controlled via the buttons on the ends of the device. Simply click the button before turning and after turning. WingLights will automatically shut off after 45 seconds to prevent power wastage.

How do I attach my WingLights?

They attach easily via the hollow space found in most handlebars using CYCL’s patented mounting technology.

What is the difference between the Fixed v3 and the Pop variations?

Both products deliver high-visibility on the road. The WingLights Fixed screw directly into your handlebars and are perfect for the avid cyclist. The WingLights Pop feature a lighter and smaller body, a lower price-point and are perfect for the casual rider.

Will WingLights be compatible with my bike?

The WingLights are designed for straight handlebars and curved handlebars. They are not compatible with drop bars or other varieties of handlebars yet.



Are Vitawerx products natural?

Yes, all four Vitawerx products are made from completely natural ingredients and do not contain any artificial ingredients, sugars or sweeteners.

Where are Vitawerx products made?

All Vitawerx products are manufactured in Australia using high-quality ingredients sourced from Australia and elsewhere.

How do I know they will work?

Vitawerx researches and develops their products alongside some of Australia’s best food scientists, naturopaths, and biochemists to create products that deliver results!