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ST-35 Sports Wearable Bike Mirror



The RearViz ST-35 is the Sports edition of the RearViz Bike Mirror.  Cycling has never been safer with the new wearable bike mirror that gives you a pair of eyes on the back of your head when you ride. The Sports RearViz features a fully-rotatable base and a mirror that pivots 180 degrees. The wide, flexible plastic housing will fit comfortably anywhere from the lower wrist to upper forearm. The use of high-quality materials allows a 2-year UV resistance guarantee. The armband is universal (one size fits all), making it a perfect fit for every rider. 

Click here to watch the RearViz ST-35 Sports Mirror in action. 

Key benefits of the Sports edition: 
  • Flexible, Wide Plastic Housing
  • Universal Armband
  • 2-Year UV Resistance
  • Interchangeable with the RearViz Universal Camera Mount 
  • Colours available: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow & Red. 

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