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About Us

The story behind RVI Active... 

Who are we?

RVI Active is an online marketplace for all things travel, fitness and adventure. We provide you with the access to tools, gadgets, and accessories to improve your fitness journey and accelerate you towards optimum health and safety. Previously known as RearViz, we found our niche and are quickly expanding to a collaborative space that caters for all your sporting activities and needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage activity and adventure, whilst providing the tools needed to maintain the utmost standards of safety. RVI Active holds values of collaboration, innovation, and fitness in the sporting and sportswear market.

Our Community

The relationships we have with our customers are extremely important to us and we are consistently developing them to create a global online community. By connecting with thousands of like-minded fitness junkies, we are always learning from other people’s experiences and using that knowledge to further develop our digital space. Our community spans beyond our e-commerce website, flowing through social media platforms and regular blog postings with the goal to inform and update. The content we create and distribute is designed to encourage conversation and connect with all of our loyal shoppers and supporters.

Our Journey

Back in 2012, after observing the blatant lack of care of one driver who almost sent a cyclist plummeting, Raymond Crane began itching to know about the plausibility of rearward vision for cyclists. With a wetsuit, tape and a compact mirror in hand, Ray invented the first ever RearViz after a long afternoon of building and testing out his innovative concept. With the final prototype ready, he loaded up his wife’s bicycle with his dog in the basket and mirror strapped around his arm and rode the streets. He had the complete vision of what was behind him whilst watching for potential hazards. The innovative nature of ‘Look Forward, See Behind,’ was a concept that needed to be released to the world. This marked the birth of the Classic RearViz Mirror and unsurprisingly, it wasn't long until the RearViz mirror was packaged and worn by cyclists around the globe.

Finding this niche and focusing on it was the key driver of RearViz’ business. As a start-up business, we saw it as essential to maintain a tight focus on a product or service to grow successfully. After six years of networking, inventing new products and establishing a digital space where cyclists can access safety products, we think it’s time to stray away from being a one-product business. Change is scary, we know, but this change is exciting and full of adventure.

This pivot to RVI Active will involve expanding our marketplace to cater to all types of sporting activities and adventures. This re-brand stems from our co-founder, Kayla Crane’s passion for travel, fitness and adventure and the desire to encourage innovation and collaboration with all potential partners. RVI Active will be introducing useful, innovative gadgets to improve the safety and adventurous nature of your sporting activities. Welcome now, to the online marketplace of all things sport! RVI Active promises to deliver you only the best quality products and customer service to ensure everyone is happy. Let’s work together to build an international collaborative sporting marketplace to meet your needs. We are on the hunt for innovative, user-friendly gadgets to be featured on our website whilst also supporting other innovative businesses worldwide. Find something you like? Send it through. We would love to hear from you.