About Us

The story behind the invention of the RearViz...

Who are we?

RearViz is leading the way to a cleaner and greener future for cyclists and hobbyist alike. The RearViz is an arm-mounted rear vision mirror that allows cyclists to look forward and see behind whilst commuting on their bicycles. Now often referred to as ‘the next best thing to a helmet’ the RearViz mirror is combating rider safety in a big way. 

Our Mission

To enable cyclists to commute safely each day to and from their destinations

Our Community

A truly global community spanning across social media, e-commerce website and newly launched digital blog page. The RearViz network is a dynamic intersection of health, fitness, and wellbeing connecting thousands of like-minded people across the world. RearViz has engaged a social media following, creating a hub of content that encourages conversation and connection.

Our Journey

The RearViz journey begins back in 2012 when inventor Raymond Crane was driving to work one morning and experienced a near accident with a cyclist on the busy roads on the Gold Coast. It was that exact moment that Raymond believed cyclists needed better rearward vision while commuting. That afternoon Raymond finished work and headed home. After a few afternoon drinks, Raymond’s mind began to tick. After hours of playing around with his wife’s compact makeup mirror and some torn up wet suit neoprene material, Raymond developed the first ever RearViz. He loaded up his wife’s bicycle and placed his dog into the basket and away he went. Returning moments later to confirm that his invention worked. From then, the idea quickly transitioned into a packaged product and onto the arms of cyclists around the world.

Meet the Team

After completing her second semester at Bond University in a Bachelor of Tourism Management majoring in Events. Kayla Crane was approached by her father Raymond to head to Las Vegas in 2013 to launch RearViz into the global market at Interbike.  Kayla took the courageous leap and packed up her bags and away she went. With little experience in the field, Kayla dived into the deep end and was amazed by the traction and attention that RearViz gathered. After working away for 6 weeks with the RearViz Team, Kayla’s passions began to unfold.

After returning home, Kayla was eager to get on board with RearViz and help launch the product into the global market. With itchy feet, Kayla went and spoke to her career advisor at university and deferred her degree and began working fulltime with RearViz. It was at that moment that Kayla saw the incredible opportunity that the company had to create a sustainable, greener and safer environment for all bike users.

Fast forward down the track 3 years and Kayla is due to complete her bachelors of Business majoring in Entrepreneurship at Bond University in 2018, whilst stepping up to the role of managing director in August 2017. Kayla explains that whilst this journey has been very different to what she initially expected after finishing school. The reason why she loves it, is that she finds it rewarding seeing people commute safely and the challenges that present themselves in a start-up culture.

"I like to be out and about seeing people engage in activities and a healthy lifestyle. It is so easy to be happy and healthy and I believe that everyone can make small adjustments in their own lives to pursue this lifestyle. I enjoy when I meet a customer and they thank me for launching a product that actually works. I love helping people with disabilities such as being blind in one eye and equipping them with a product that enables them with the courage to get back on a bicycle and start cycling again! It is so rewarding to hear of all the people who have used RearViz and swear by it. The people I meet and the places I have been have far exceeded my expectations of the job and it has now become a lifestyle for me. I hope that in the future RearViz is able to extend its range of services in the health, fitness and well-being industry and connect people from all over the world to share their stories and engage with one another. As I personally believe that there is no better feeling than seeing happy, healthy smiling people all over the world!''