Travelling Tasmania: the under-rated island

Travelling Tasmania: the under-rated island

September 07, 2018

Tasmania is often known for its cold temperatures and the iconic Tasmanian devil, but what is often overlooked is the serenity and scenic beauty the island has to offer. Tasmania is an incredibly beautiful travel destination and what makes it this, is the quaint towns, captivating landscapes, and crisp air. Follow my journey through Launceston and Hobart, where my short, 5-day trip was filled with incredible experiences.

Lilydale (30 minute drive from Launceston)

Blueberry Picking

Lilydale in Northern Tasmania is home to the Holly bank Treetops where you will find yourself integrating ancestral ape-like strategies to reach different check-points, from 2m to 20m above the ground. My recommendation, start low and build up your courage for the 20 m course which will ignite a rush of adrenaline during the free-falling parts of the course. After this exhilarating experience, I found myself at the Crestview blueberry picking farm, eating blueberries from the tree and staining my lips bright blue. We ended up picking 1kg of blue berries for $12, which is incredible when you compare it to the 250g $4 punnets at our local grocers back home. The following day we ventured to some of the oldest vineyards and taste tested an array of exotic vineyard wines. Interesting fact – some of the vines we passed on the way in are over 100 years old and the composition of the soils is made up of ancient sandstone mudstone, with river sediments and rocks of volcanic origin which aid the flavors of the grapes during growth.


Launceston to Hobart via the East Coast

Myrtle Forest Rain Forest Tasmanian Forest

I then re-scheduled my flight to depart Hobart, in Southern Tasmania, to squeeze in a road trip to experience Tasmania’s incredible landscape. As I drove I noticed the quick change from green mountain planes that go as far as your eye can see, to the damp and dewy rainforest and then to the dry, windy and hilly roads. I made a few stops along the way, the first being the Myrtle forest, where the trees were as wide as two road bikes combined and as tall as approx. 9 stacked bikes. My journey then took me to a particular town, called Derby, well known for its mountain biking trails. Time for a coffee. Derby’s Bicycle coffee pit stop was decorated with cruising, mountain, and road bikes.


Bay of Fires & Bicheno

After venturing down the coast, I stumbled upon to Bay of Fires. This bay had incredible views, crystal clear waters and sand as white snow. I was lucky enough to get a visit from a pelican in the popular swimming area. To finish off the day, I ventured to Bicheno, The Warf fish and chips, for incredible oysters and the densely populated, “Seagull Island.” I would also recommend checking out the natural blowhole.

It was a quick but eventful trip and really put into perspective how beautiful this state is. I hope you are thinking about your Australian getaway to Tasmania as I am sure you will carry home a wide smile and a bit of natural wonder appreciation on your shoulders. I am looking forward to going back next year, so if you have any recommendations for adventurous, thrilling and out-door activities, please share them below.

Bay of Fires Tasmanian Holiday

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