Top 5 Gifts For Dad This Father's Day!

Top 5 Gifts For Dad This Father's Day!

June 15, 2018

Stuck on what to buy your dad for father’s day this year? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our top cycling gifts and gadgets your dad will go crazy over.


For the urban cyclist, Winglights Turn Signals are made of robust and shockproof aluminium.


- Winglights Magnetic

This seamless design attaches magnetically to the mounting units that insert into your handlebar ends. Designed as 100% waterproof they are tough enough to endure all weather conditions.

- Winglights Fixed

Slick, shockproof and robust design. Winglights Fixed firmly attach to the ends of your handlebars and are tough enough to endure all weather conditions.

- Winglights Pop

The latest and greatest design in the Winglights squad, the Winglights Pop are a slimmer design for more casual riders. Not only are they both waterproof and shockproof they also came with a smaller price tag.


MyFitLites keep you safe and visible through all of your outdoor training... With a light wight design, MYFITLITE'S give traffic the ability for oncoming traffic to see exactly where you are on the road. With one easy motion, the My Fit Light's slide onto the back of your shoe instantly glowing with vibrant LED lights.. Did I mention they're also weather proof!?

With replaceable batteries this handy safety gadget is for all the active dads this father's day! 

The piece slides conveniently on to the back of your shoe and glows in a vibrant LED light.


Struggling to think of what to do with all that spare cash you've saved on travel expenses? Yeah, we thought so.


With the aim of making a cyclists journey in an urban environment safer, The RearViz Bicycle mirror is an arm mounted Rear Vision Mirror enabling cyclists to keep their eyes on the road while maintaining a complete rear vision view of on-coming traffic.

This 360 degree rotatable mirror allows cyclist to customise their view while the flawless strap fastens tightly to the wrist, absorbing road vibrations and enabling a clear view of surroundings through the mirror. This ground-breaking gadget is fully adjustable, waterproof and durable.


4. Lumos Bike Helmet

A fully integrated smart bike helmet with brake and turning signals.. now talk about an incredible invention or what!?

This helmet is the helmet of all helmets, Featuring a wireless, handlebar-mounted remote, Lumos signal turns and cycle with greater visibility. Control the helmet with the smartphone app, and recharge via USB. Designed to fit the typical 30-45 minute urban bike commute, the battery lasts approximately 6 hours on flashing mode and 3 hours on solid mode. 

 5. Leather Bicycle Six Pack Caddy


Need a bevy while you bike? We have you covered. Gone are the days where you had to squash your 6 pack of beers into your backpack risking it all. Now with the Six Pack Caddy you can easily fasten your precious 6 mates to your bike! 

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