Our Favorite Cycling Cafes in Australia

Our Favorite Cycling Cafes in Australia

May 21, 2018

For two-wheeled coffee and brunch addicts, there is nothing better than that first sip of a macchiato, long-black coffee or even latte after a long morning ride. Great coffee and delicious food is all good and well, but for us cyclists having a cafe that draws a crowd of riders too, well, there's really nothing better!

Not coming as a shock, most cafe's do not accommodate for bike parking, cleat resistant floors or a fresh glass of water upon arrival. For those of us who love an early morning ride; these things are a must and there are definitely extra points given to those cafes that allow a split bill for your team of riders.

Australia is renowned for its amazing cafes, coffee and let's face it, smashed avocado topped with poached egg. But what cafes can give you all of this, plus amazing service AND a place you're guaranteed to find like-minded cyclists. 

So here we go, by state, we have our Top 10 Best Cyclist Cafes you must try. 


1. Piccolo Espresso

Location: Hythe St, Miami, Gold Coast, Queensland 4220, Australia

After a morning ride, what's better than ending it 20m from the Miami Beach Front on the Gold Coast? With plenty of space for your bike, a beach view and plenty of amazing food and coffee to choose from, Piccolo Espresso is our number one pick. Accompanied by friendly staff and great serrvuce what more could you want? 

Piccolo Espresso; 

Hythe StMiami, Gold Coast, Queensland 4220, Australia

2. Cactus Espresso Bar

Location: 173 Brisbane Street, Ipswich

Excellent coffee, friendly staff and a welcoming ambience, cyclists are welcomed with open arms on arrival. This cafe offers large outdoor tables and plenty of room for your bike. Also, the regulars told us a local secret.. "coffees are half price before 9am on the weekend for cyclists.” BONUS!

Cactus Espresso Bar; 173 Brisbane Street, Ipswich

3. Cankstar Bespoke Cyclery

Location: 50 Annerley Road, Woolloongabba

A cafe decked out completely with bikes... Did someone say heaven on earth? Cankstar is the ideal place for your next post-ride coffee, while your bike gets a tune-up. 

Cankstar Bespoke Cyclery; 50 Annerley Road, Woolloongabba

New South Wales

4. Rapha Cycle Club, Sydney

Location: 4/410 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Looking for the latest pop-up coffee shop? Well, here it is! Rapha Cycle Club offers to die for coffee accompanied by the opportunity to browse their store for your next cycling kit - some things just don't get any better. With "Clubhouses" located globally, Rapha not only offers great coffee and a retail store but also organises scheduled cycle meet-ups for you to sign up to! 

Rapha Cycle Club, Sydney; 4/410 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Northern Territory

5. Cafe Central

Location: Shop 1/29 Rossiter Street, Rapid Creek

In the heart of Darwin, Central Cafe brews the some of the best coffee in town. Plenty of room for your bike outside, and you can even keep a close eye on your equipment if you opt for an outdoor table. What's even better is the cold hand towels on arrival to help you cool down after your long morning ride. 

Cafe' Central; Shop 1/29 Rossiter Street, Rapid Creek

Australian Capital Territory

6. Two Before Ten

Location: 40 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra

Described as not just a place for coffee but a way of life, this cafe will satisfy not only your stomach but also your need for urban chic decor. Plenty of room for you and your crew of cyclists as well as an outdoor area for your bike. 

Two Before Ten; 40 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra

South Australia 

7. Red Berry Espresso

Location: 1A L’Estrange Street, Glenside

The ultimate cyclist hangout, Red Berry Espresso is renowned for its coffee and even boasts an award to prove it. Winning a silver medal at the 2013 Australian Coffee Roasters Awards, Red Berry Espresso is the perfect place for a post-ride coffee. If that's not enough then you'll have to go and check out their unique cycling kit! 

Red Berry Espresso; 1A L’Estrange Street, Glenside


8. The Picnic Basket 

Location: 176 Channel Highway, Taroona

With a generous undercover outdoor area, The Picnic Basket is the perfect place for setting up shop after your ride. With an abundance of coffee and cakes on their menu, this cafe is the perfect place for a post ride treat with friends. 

The Picnic Basket; 176 Channel Highway, Taroona


9. Cog Bike Cafe

Location: 42 Station Road, Warburton

Located on the 'Warby' Trail, The Cog Bike Cafe is attached to its very own bike shop with a mechanic on site for all your bike needs. Also, if you feel like hiring a ride they offer a bike sharing service! If you're as obsessed with cycling as we are, the Cog Bike Cafe is the place to go, bike-themed decor everywhere, even in the bathroom. 

Cog Bike Cafe 42 Station Road, Warburton Western Australia

Western Australia

10. Cranked Coffee 

Location: Shop 5, 106 Oxford Street, Leederville

Last but certainly not least, is Cranked Western Australia. Home of an amazing bike shop and some of Perth's finest coffee roasters, Cranked boasts more than just a hot cup of coffee. With plenty of bike racks available and a great community of riders visiting each day, this cafe is definitely the place to be at the end of your ride. 

Cranked; Shop 5, 106 Oxford Street, Leederville

Do you have any more suggestions? We'd love to hear them!!

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