Scooting With A RearViz In Singapore

Scooting With A RearViz In Singapore

April 10, 2017

I was recently given the opportunity to meet up with our newest supplier in Singapore and test out how well the RearViz Mirror works while riding an electric scooter. RearViz suppliers from Scoot Adventures Singapore Marc & Lisa Wong, took us out for a scoot around their city showing us their favorite spots to ride. Scooting more than 30km over the course of the day, we got to experience not only the scenic hot spots of the city but also the beautiful, hidden areas where Singapore locals love to eat and ride. 

Scooting with a RearViz in SingaporePhoto of Michaela from RearViz (left) and Marc and Lisa Wong (right). 

The day kicked off with a taste of the local cuisineat a busy food market where we were the only tourists to be seen. We then headed to Marc and Lisa's place where they lent us each an electric scooter to take out for the day. After only a few minutes of testing out the E-Scooters, we were soon scooting through the city in ease, without having to break a sweat! Riding E-Scooters are so much fun! Being the first time I had tried an electric scooter out, i was taken back by how easy they were to use and utilize for any activity. You only had to take a look outside in Singapore to realize this fact as almost everywhere i looked i could see at least one E-Scooter rider commuting to work or riding with their partner. 

We traveled around the city scooting passed hot spots such as The Singapore Flyer, The Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By The Bay, the beach and more. I must say I have never been in a more picturesque, architecturally-inspiring place in the world. Singapore is seriously amazing, everywhere you look.

RearViz reflection of Singapore City

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

How well does the RearViz work for Electric Scooters?  

As this was the first time I had tested out a RearViz Mirror while riding an electric scooter, this gave me the perfect chance to see how it works. I found that strapping mine to my upper forearm and pivoting the mirror out wide was the the perfect position for me as it gave me a large, clear rearward view when i rode. Marc, Lisa and my partner Gene all wore their mirrors in slightly different positions. Lisa had hers on her wrist and Marc wore his above his elbow. So this made it clear that just like cycling with a RearViz, riders can wear the mirror anywhere they find suitable and comfortable making it adaptable to any riding style or scooter type.

Riding for almost the entire day, we all wore our RearViz Mirrors for hours on end, often forgetting it was even there. Just like cycling with a RearViz, I was able to look forward and see behind for any hazards by using my peripheral vision. This made it super easy to keep an eye out for Gene, Marc and Lisa and other cyclists or scooter riders who were passing behind me. Overall the RearViz was a winner for electric scooters! It was just as suitable to wear when scooting as it is to cycle with, never failing to give me a clear view of my surroundings when scooting through the busy city of Singapore. 

RearViz Mirrors Pink, Green, Yellow

Electric Ikono Scooters Singapore

 A big thank you goes out to Marc and Lisa Wong for being such welcoming hosts and showing us around their beautiful city. Singapore is simply breathtaking! We are so lucky to have had the chance to experience the local riding culture first-hand with the great company of Marc and Lisa. If you're riding an electric scooter (or a bike) in Singapore and are looking for an extra set of eyes to stay aware of your surroundings when you ride then head to or check out their Facebook page. 

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