RearViz at Cin7's Retailer's Breakfast: Get Amazon Australia Ready!

RearViz at Cin7's Retailer's Breakfast: Get Amazon Australia Ready!

February 16, 2018

     Yesterday, Co-founder and COO Kayla Crane had the honor to attend and speak at Cin7’s Retailers breakfast conference: Get Amazon ready. Kayla spoke about what motivated her to launch RearViz onto the global B2C marketplace Amazon and how utilizing Amazon has benefited RearViz in driving sales and developing legitimacy in an ever-growing global market.


RearViz launched in 2013 and has been leading the way to a cleaner and greener future for cyclists and hobbyist alike.  Often referred to as ‘the next best thing to a helmet’ the RearViz mirror is combating rider safety in a big way. By utilizing a multi-channel business strategy, RearViz has been able to distribute products to over 83 countries around the globe since launching in 2013.


Frustrated with the current and dying business model of distributors and sales representatives Kayla sort after a way to deal with the customer directly. With the help of platforms such as Amazon, RearViz has adapted its business model strategy to a more modernistic approach and have taken back control by supplying to a global market space from their HQ on the Gold Coast, Australia.


Kayla states “this has given the manufactures back control and allows them to collaborate with their consumers in live time”. For RearViz this is a major benefit as it allows for research and development directly with their users. By gathering feedback RearViz is able to pivot their products and services to better satisfy the needs of each consumer.

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