October 28, 2016

The high rate of cycling fatalities in Australia has sparked the creation of a new invention that will improve the safety of cyclists on our roads.

RearViz is a Gold Coast based, internationally acclaimed business who have hit the cycling market with a creation that is described as ‘the next best thing to a helmet’ in cycling.

RearViz have introduced an arm-mounted rear vision mirror that allows the rider to look forward and see behind their bike for oncoming traffic and hazards.

With 14 more cycling fatalities last year than in 2000, The Australian Bicycle Council’s 2014 report indicated that ‘the safety of bicycle riders is heavily dependent on the vehicles around them’.

The RearViz arm-mounted mirror is combating this issue by giving the rider wider rearward perspectives creating virtual eyes on the back of the cyclist’s head.

Attempting to reduce the stigma between cyclists and drivers in Australia RearViz’s CEO, Lee Crane says the product is a big step for the cycling community.

“As soon as riders turn their heads to check for oncoming traffic and hazards, they take their eyes off the road. The RearViz allows cycling commuters to look forward and see behind without affecting their vision,” she said.

“We really are trying to make a difference and lower the high rate of deaths on our roads.”

The RearViz Arm Mirror

Cyclists around the world are quickly catching on to this new safety phenomenon, transitioning the product from a trendy item into absolute necessity for cyclists.

RearViz user Richard Smith says the safety accessory is perfect for peak time traffic.

“With many aggressive drivers around this mirror is a must for commuting in Sydney peak times,” he said.

The company’s versatile products are currently being sold across the globe at numerous international bike shows in the US, Europe and more.

In fact, in April earlier this year RearViz made their mark in the US at Bike Expo New York selling an average of one mirror every minute over the two day event.

The safety sensation has taken off and now even has a popular trending #rearviz hashtag on social media pages across the globe from riders showcasing photos of their RearViz mirror.

UK cyclist John Adams says the RearViz invention is a life saver.

“When I first got it I said ‘that will save my life one day’ and I still think that’s true. I feel much safer knowing everything that’s going on around me, and am enjoying my riding much more,” he said.

The RearViz is taking on the international market attempting to create a safer environment for cyclists everywhere.


RearViz Logo

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