Hottest Tracks in California to Hit on a Bicycle this Summer

Hottest Tracks in California to Hit on a Bicycle this Summer

April 13, 2018

It's no secret that with it's sunny year-round weather, eye-catching scenery and rugged northern beaches that California is a cyclists paradise. Here are what we've found as some of the state's best coastline bike trails, stretching from Los Angeles beaches to the Northern California rugged terrain. 

1. Marvin Braude Bike Trail

Stretching over 22-miles long this path from Will Rogers State Beach to Torrance County Beach is the ultimate cruise for every cyclist. Whether it be you are a pro, hobbiest or just out for the day, this cycle way is perfection. End to end you will experience the most breath taking views of the ocean seascape, even taking in Santa Monica Pier along the way. You will find restaurants and shops galore along your journey so feel free to stop off at Redondo beach for a quick swim and snack or even pop into Dogtown Coffee in Santa Monica for organic freshly roasted coffee with a breaky burrito on the side. 

Marvin Braude Bike Trail

2. Santa Cruz: West Cliff Drive 

For the less experienced cyclist, West Cliff drive is an ideal trail for cruising the coastline. Only three miles long, this trail is perfect for a short ride taking in the incredible scenery surrounding the trail. Want a mid-route break on your cycle? 

We have you covered. Immerse yourself in the surf culture by stopping in at the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum at Lighthouse Point and if you're lucky you may even spot a whale or dolphin while you're there. Then after completing the remainder of your ride, you will end at the gorgeous Natural Bridges State Beach.  Take a look at Felice Carrabino's film of the West Cliff to see just how beautiful the views really are.

Youtube: Felice Carrabino Santa Cruz: West Cliff Drive 

3. Del Norte County: California Coastal Trail – Last Chance Section

Now if you're looking for the ultimate adventure trail we definitely have you covered with this one. Del Norte County Cali Coastal Trail is perfect for packing a backpack and sleeping under the stars during a week-long cycle. This route stretches more than 1,200 miles along the entire length of California, taking mountain bikers through the westernmost reaches of Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. Begin at the Crescent Beach Overlook at the northern end of the route and take yourself through a thrill-seeking trail of rocky and rugged coastline. 

 Del Norte County: California Coastal Trail – Last Chance Section

4. Mendocino County: MacKerricher State Park

For a historic and cultural ride take the MacKerricher State Park trail for a scenic journey through the formerly known transport route for lumber into Fort Bragg. A three-mile route the rad takes cyclists over Pudding Creek Trestle - a historic rail bridge dating back to 1916. Travelling north, through the patchy coastline you will find a prime spot for whale watching and seal spotting at Laguna Point. Further north, the trail is home to over 90 bird species so you are surely in for a wildlife experience along with your journey. End your ride at the Inglenook Fen-Ten Mile Dunes Natural Reserve. 

Mendocino County: MacKerricher State Park


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