Established in Australia, RearViz is a patent pending innovative Rear Vision Mirror, designed for the commuter, the athlete and the weekend adventurer.

RearViz is a weather resistant collapsible convex mirror, mounted on the arm, using an adjustable armband to keep in place. It has been ergonomically designed to be adjusted to suit all arm sizes and arm positioning, allowing the user to acquire rear vision through a range of rear view angles and perspectives. The position of the rear view mirror can be adjusted to many positions through its ability to swivel and is able to stay in a desired position. Being mounted on the arm permits the user to engage the widest part of the body, which will allow the most rearward vision, having the ability to be used on either or both arms.

Unlike conventional mirrors, RearViz is lightweight, stylish and practical, so regardless what bike you ride, RearViz allows easy adaption to any kind of activity.

Whilst safety is the main focus of our business, we also like to make sure you stay on trend, so we have made a unique safety item… an item of fashion! We even have interchangeable accessories to allow you to match your style.

REARVIZ is the next best thing to having eyes in the back of your head. Mounted on your arm, it won’t vibrate or lose its positioning, enabling you to have an improved awareness about what’s happening behind you.

Further enhancements will be rolled out in the near future, so stay tuned for more exciting features and products.


Mirrors are an important safety aid when cycling. They can make it much easier to see if there is a vehicle behind you before committing to a manoeuvre. Looking backwards without a mirror can be difficult, causing a significant weight shift of the body, which could result in swerving into the traffic, and making the manoeuvre very dangerous. Using REARVIZ allows users to maintain an ongoing awareness of their surroundings, giving a clear vision of the rear, without the physical effort or dangerous weight shift of the body.